About Us

What is BailaSoul?
BailaSoul was born in Canberra by close friends; Ricky and Harry decided that they wanted to bring something new and fresh to the Latin Dance scene. Somewhere that everyone was welcome – focusing on forming a close-knit family-oriented dance community that was all inclusive. With over 20 years of combined experience in the Latin dance industry, they started working on a set of dance syllabi that focus on strong technique and most importantly – are fun to learn. The BailaSoul team are a dedicated and charismatic group who love to share their passion and joy with the people of Canberra. Come join us at BailaSoul and get hooked!

What is BaSo Style?
BaSo Style is unique to BailaSoul; it incorporates Bachata moves into Salsa and vice versa bringing a fresh and unique fusion to both genres. BaSo style brings both Salsa and Bachata into the modern era by creating a street style of Bachata and Salsa that can be danced to modern music – not limiting the styles to dated Latin music. For the purists, however, it can still be danced to classic music. Anyone can learn BaSo Style and we have worked hard to create a syllabus that is very strong in technique yet fun to learn – ensuring that everyone who comes away from BailaSoul has a strong set of core dance skills that they can take with them wherever they go. Your BASO journey starts here!